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On August 24th 79, yes, over 1900 years ago, Mt. Vesuvius literally blew its top. Ash, pumice, and other particles were released into the air and covered most of southern Italy. No town was more impacted than the city of Pompeii. Once a thriving metropolis, Pompeii found itself and its population literally buried alive under 24 feet of ash and debris. There is actually written stories of an eyewitness, Pliny the younger. If you are so inclined, you can look for it online or at your local library to get a feel of what happened in Pompeii.

Although there was documentation that a city existed, Pompeii lay buried until 1748 when excavations began. The archeologists found amazing things. Bodies preserved in ash in protective positions, as if trying to ward off the attack of the volcano. Ovens with loaves of bread still in them, and even areas of restaurants, and plumbing. It is amazing how advanced this city seemed considering they were wiped out nearly 2000 years ago. We saw evidence of bathrooms, bathing area, even drainage and water movement.

Enjoy the pictures, I hope they can begin to show it's amazement. The place is huge and we barely made a dent in it. I would probably need at least a full day or two to see it all and we only had a couple hours. I will be back to finish my tour.

Looking over Pompeii from the parking lot


They are still excavating today

City walls


Probably held water or oil

Individual residences


Roman Columns


More houses

I have no idea what it says

All the things they have found. There is a huge warehouse that shows you all the stuff they found and continue to find daily

That is how they found bodies, preserved in ash

In a protective pose

Another one trying to protect themselves

Our guide said this was a washing area

Artwork from 2000 years ago


Water or Oil holders



The big boulders in the street are defense against chariots


Oven. They found loaves of bread in here from eruption day.



For tying down animals

Bathtub or wash basin


Remeber, it's 2000 years old


Pine nut tree



Castel Nuovo, in the port of Naples

The building ALL Italian immigrans left from in the early 1900's. If you wanted to go to the United States from ANYWHERE in Italy, you left from here. Including Vito Corleone

Us with our driver, Mario

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